• My US size: 4-6
  • My REV'IT size: 38
  • Sizes: 34-46 standard, 38-42 short, 36-40 long
  • MSRP: $319.99
  • Colors: silver, black
  • Detachable thermal liner
  • Detachable hydratex? waterproof liner, breathable
  • Outer shell: 100% polyamide
  • Ventilated zippers in front
  • 6-inch and full length connection YKK zippers
  • 2 pockets in front at the waist
  • Velcro at the ankles for adjustable fit.
  • ProLife? ladies CE protection at knees (adjustable, removable), fully perforated EVA foam (removable) at hips
  • Laminated reflection at calves


The Ventura pants are paired with the it's friend, the?Ventura?jacket. Although, they definitely don't have to be worn together and can zip to any other pants with a standard YKK zipper.?These pants are sadly not overpants, but I've been wearing them that way and so can you.

Overpants are mainly for the American market. We love wearing gear over our clothes. For some of us, it's simply the way we ride and get to work. ?One way you can tell the difference between pants that were meant to be overpants is how far the zipper goes up the leg from the ankle. If they fall just below the knee, then those are meant to be worn as pants. If they exceed the knee, then you know they're overpants. Not that you can't wear a regular pant as an overpant, but you do need to spend an extra time taking your boots off ?and on.

I do wish that they would make the ankles/hems a little narrower or more tapered. Although the velcro adjustments are there to provide that adjustable fit, I think the velcro flap at the bottom is a little too big. 2 seasons ago, they had a marvelous textile pant called the Mistral. They had such a great leg line that ended with a perfect hem at the ankles. It was less bulky and a little cleaner at the bottom. ?I feel like the large velcro panel at the bottom of these make them feel and look a little clunky.

REVIT Ventura PantsREVIT Ventura Pants??

I meet so many people that just don't want to deal with the perceived hassle of changing their clothes when they get to work. I understand that. But isn't just 30 seconds of your time every day worth wearing a protective, comfortable and well fitted riding pant? For me, it is. These pants fit so well and are so versatile, the extra 30 seconds is not a hassle for me. It's hard to find any overpants on the market for women that come close in terms of fit.

These come with two removable liners, one is waterproof, and the other is thermal/insulated. With both liners, they ensure a snug fit. So without them, I can easily wear the shell over (fitted) jeans or khakis.?Instead of wearing the thermal liner, I wear my Schampa pants and the waterproof/windproof liner if I know I’m going to be riding in cold temps (40-50s with windchill). I’ve yet to be cold or wet wearing these.

There are only two zippered vents in the front for ventilation. In warm weather, I think these would be comfortable given how light they are. ?I think these are perfect if you’re going to spend most of your time in cooler temps vs warmer temps.?There are also adjustable cinches at the waist and front pockets right above the hips. ? They're not completely useless, as I'm able to stash my keys and my phone in them, but since they're so high on the waist, it can be a little snug when pulling things out.

REVIT Ventura Pants? Revit Ventura Pants?REVIT Ventura Pants



What I really love about the fit on these pants is in the hips and thighs, then down the leg. The problem with many pants is how they fit at the knees. A great riding pant should be generous enough around the hips/thighs and then taper as it goes down the leg. I don’t mean that they need to fit like a skinny jean, but they should taper at the knees just enough to provide a good, snug fit.

The reason is so that the body armor is nice and snug over your knees, both on and off (think getoff) the bike. A wide leg not only means that your armor may shift away from your knee, but it also makes your leg look much wider than it is!

One thing to keep in mind about the inseam is that if you’re riding something with an aggressive forward riding position (ie Daytona 675, GSXR 1000), the length on touring pants such as these will never be as long as you want them.

If the hemline falls just above the ankle, I think that’s ok as long as you’re wearing a great protective boot to ensure that your ankles and calves are covered.

Although these were designed for touring and are ideal for dual sport or adv riding position, they would be comfortable on any sportbike.


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