• $259.95 MSRP, sizes Euro 40-50 (~US 2/4-12/14)
  • Mugello Fabric; stretchy but abrasion resistant
  • Spring/summer weight
  • Integrated Dainese knee guards
  • Soft hip protectors in newer models
  • Thigh vents
  • Waist adjustment
  • Sample provided by Dainese
  • Review Date: October 2011


The New Drake Air textile pants are probably the skinniest women's riding pants you'll ever wear. Dainese only makes tapered legged pants (leather and textile) and for that reason, these really do wear like regular pants. It's difficult to tell you're even wearing them. The only giveaway is the slightly larger knee bone you've suddenly acquired.

dainese alice jacket drake air pants
dainese alice jacket drake air pants

The overall weight of these pants is light, no liners / no membranes. These pants are a solid go-to pant for nice weather conditions (~60s-90s) even into hot riding weather. Although they aren't mesh, they do breathe very well and have a couple of nice thigh vents to bring some ventilation in.

dainese_new_drake_air_womens (1)
dainese_new_drake_air_womens (1)

As a simple pant, there isn't a lot to them. You've only got 2 pockets to actually carry things in front, and then the 2 vents on the thighs. Followed by small velcro adjustments at the waist.


As far as fit goes, I was able to wear a Euro 44 when I was at my highest weight (150lbs). The waist was still a bit roomy, so I probably could've squeezed into a 42 if I felt like it.

The material is very forgiving, so it's easy to wear since the material stretches. The rise is low in the front but higher in the back, ideal for a sport touring or sporty position. The further you lean forward, the lower you want your rise anyhow.

If you have ample hips, you may want to size up. If you're rather straight like me, then you'll size normally. Currently, I fit into a size 40 now that I've dropped to 125-130lbs. Yikes. They don't offer a size 0 just yet, but they may come out with one next winter instead.

With inseam, I find them to be too long for my 28.5" length. Specifically the length from the hip to the knees are too saggy so they bunch up behind my knees. But that's a personal fit issue that I have with these. Overall they're a great option for taller or shorter folks. They don't come in varied lengths unfortunately.

If you need a waterproof pant, then I highly recommend the Shermans which slightly smaller than these. Or the Travelguards which are a bit looser.

The one thing I really didn't like was the extra fabric behind my knees, even in my size they're a little loose back there and I just didn't like the way these pants are articulated.