Schampa Skinny Shirt

  • Where to Buy: or your local Schampa dealer
  • $49.99
  • Thumbholes or No Thumbholes
  • Extended Tapered Rear Panel
  • Wickable & Breathable
  • Triple Stitched
  • Fall, Spring, Winter
  • Comes with or without thumbholes
  • Also available with balaclava attached

Schampa Skinny Pants

  • $49.99
  • Where to Buy: or your local Schampa dealer
  • Form fit cut for better circulation, and reduced fatigue
  • Gusseted crotch for greater flexibility and pant strength
  • Wickable, breathable
  • Triple stitched
  • Fall, Spring, Winter
  • Samples provided by Schampa for Review
  • Review Date: December 2010


Update May 2016: These are still my  go-to baselayers for winter. I never go anywhere without them!  And since moving to the East Coast in 2014, I LIVE IN THESE in the winter!

I've had my Schampa skinny shirt and pants for over a year.  They are the best thermal baselayer I have ever worn.

I think what surprised me the most was how breathable the material was while indoors and in moderate weather. I typically only wear these when the temperatures dip down into the 50s or so. Or if I know I'll be doing any night riding.  Both pieces are fully fleece lined and this makes for a really comfortable and soft fit.

I have the shirt with the thumbholes and I love that feature.  If my hands get too hot then I simply roll the cuffs back a little bit. I've worn both pieces under my leathers and textiles to make for a much warmer ride.  I'd say that the coldest temperatures I've ever ridden in with this outfit was the high 30s, with windchill.  Oy that was cold. But to be honest, I was wearing them under my leather pants, and under a heated jacket under my spring/summer jacket.  Not much the Schampas could do while wearing spring/summer gear at that temperature.

I get hot fairly easy (especially indoors) and I am always surprised by how well they breathe when I start to sweat a little bit. The pants are a perfect companion to my summer/spring textiles. Although they're only meant for spring and summer riding, I've been able to push those pants into 40 degree temperatures with my Schampa skinny pants.

The only problem I've had with them is that they've started to pill a little bit from wearing them so much last winter. I used a disposable razor to shave off the excess and then started washing them inside out to minimize pilling.  A little shave with the razor every now and then keeps the pilling down. (also good for your merino/wool sweaters)

I've also worn the pants walking my dog on cold mornings/evenings, and they provide the perfect balance of warmth and breathability.


You might be thinking that if they're fleecelined, they might be too bulky to wear under your gear. Especially the pants. Not at all. Although they're not as thin as something like UnderArmour, I've been able to wear these under my leathers, my textile riding pants and my jeans (not skinny ones though).

The shirt is a little on the long side, especially if you have a short torso. I'm thinking of having mine hemmed a couple inches so they sit above my hips, not down to my thighs.

The material in the pants gives a little, since the waistband is elastic. I don't think the shirt is too restrictive, given it's narrow/skinny cut, either.

Overall, I would highly recommend these as a winter baselayer option.   The sizing is unisex and does run small, so order one size larger than you normally would.