So You're New....

Me in September 2004, the first time I ever rode a motorcycle by myself. And then...

Me in September 2004, the first time I ever rode a motorcycle by myself. And then...

It all started when…

My husband bought a motorcycle (for himself). I can remember that day so clearly. I can't believe it's been 15+ years now. Time flies!

I've written a few articles that I hope helps you as you start out on this lifelong love affair with motorcycling. The topics vary from the women's gear industry to how to ride tall motorcycles. 

Hopefully some of this helps you as you navigate a world of motorcycles designed for tall people. I’ve found that as shorter folk, we may need a little more help and we may need to work HARDER than all the taller folk. So in addition to all the stressful, overwhelming motorcycle information available there’s still the added problem of being shorter to where not everything may be available or made specifically for us. (Dirtbikes, Adventurebikes and Sportbikes). So I’m going to start compiling a list of resources here that are relevant no matter how short or tall you are but a few extra things that you may not have considered as a smaller rider.

Since you’re here, I’m not going to add a section about Gear because well, check the rest of my website. And I’ll be building out these sections as I find new resources, so check back often for updates or subscribe to my email newsletter and I’ll send you gentle reminders once every 3-4 months with updates.

I recently wrote this blog post with some general things that came to mind if you’re new which includes the topics: Choosing your first motorcycle, owners manuals, online forums and 2 books to read.



I feel like I've learned almost everything I can about riding taller bikes and at this point, I’m 1000% sure that anyone my height can too, but it will always take more work than you think:

There are also thousands more women like me who have learned to figure out how to ride with more skill and confidence than our taller counterparts.

HOW TO RIDE / skill development



I’m not saying you need to become a mechanic, but becoming familiar with your motorcycle is always going to help you no matter what, where or how far you ride.


Here I am 11 years later, still on tiptoes.... :D

Here I am 11 years later, still on tiptoes.... :D