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This list is comprised of companies that makes real protective gear for women: No fluff. Also, these companies offer gear that is fully armored or armorable.

Aerostitch. Known for it’s famous riding suits like the Roadcrafter and Darien. Now for women.

Aether Apparel.  Aether offers an extremely stylish jacket with lots of functionality. It's hard to find gear options that give you a solid 50/50 and I think they actually deliver. I've worn their Horizon Ladies jacket and it's the real deal...

Alpinestars Alpinestars carries an extensive women's line that is both stylish and protective. The fit is European and starts at a US 0-2. They make some of the smallest off the rack sizes, starting in Euro 38.

Atwyld. High fashion, city fit women’s gear that’s armored and stylish. Appears to be Euro Fit like.

Bull-it. They recently started offering riding jeans for women up to size 22-24. I believe they are the first (large scale) manufacturer to do so in the US. I’ve never seen anyone offer a size that large until now.

Clutch and Canyon. Fully custom women's motorcycle jackets; with armor and everything. They're based in the US, and offer quite a few different options. The quality looks great and the prices are reasonable for the type of gear they're offering. Looks like only jackets offered, no pants. 


Cortech If you have trouble finding a jacket to fit your bust, and you need something above a US Women's Size 14, you'll find some of their jackets sized all the way up to a US 20. The shoulders, chest, arms and bust are cut generously for those of you with a curvy body and/or muscular shoulders/arms. Everything (including men's line) is cut with a generous, what I call, "American Fit". Nothing in the women's line is priced over $250.

Dainese Dainese has an incredible line of fully protective, leather women's gear. Both for street and track riding. You'll find the Dainese fit to be a European fit, narrower through the shoulders, bust, waist, hips and thighs. The cut/shape is outstanding, especially if you're a petite body type and have trouble finding gear small enough to fit you. Their sizing for women starts at ~38 or ~40 (US0-2), depending on the make/model and goes up to a US14. I have a rather short torso with a higher waist and everything they makes fits me so well. My wallet hurts just thinking about it.

FieldSheer Fieldsheer has textile/leather jackets and pants. The Adventure jacket looks like an excellent jacket for touring or cold climates. They've recently posted their size charts on their website well. The fit is very similar to Tourmaster.

Forma Boots

First Gear One of my first pieces of gear was a FirstGear overpant. They offer great options for touring, sport touring and adventure touring including mesh/waterproof and multiseason jackets. Fitment is American with a nice cut for curvier body types. 

GoGo Gear Invented the armored legging for riding. They come fully armored, with CE rated elbow and hip armor.

Held USA Held makes gloves in numeric sizes, in .5 increments. Some of their gloves including the Phantoms run as small as a size 6. Perfect for petite women's hands. I'm a 7 and normally wear small/medium women's gloves. Some brands I can wear smalls, but it depends. Held also offers Gore-Tex Pro Shell 2 piece suits for women, a very rare option in the women's motorcycle gear world.

Hit-Air Hit Air is a japanese brand that has come out with textile jackets and vests with an inflatable airbag system. Safermoto is the sole distributor. There is one textile women's jacket, called the FR Lady. The fit/cut does look on the petite side, as the XL only accommodates up to a 38" chest.

Joe Rocket Full women’s line of gear including jackets, pants, gloves and casual wear. The cut on Joe Rocket tends to be generous in the shoulders, arms and bust. So if you're a size 0-2-4, I would consider a European fit from manufacturers such as Dainese, REV'IT or BMW. They also offer a full set of Diva sizes (18 - 24) in many of their jackets.

Klim Klim offers high end offroad and adventure / dual sport gear for women. They came out with the Altitude Gore-Tex suit, which is modeled after the popular men's Latitude. If you're looking for the ultimate dual sport suit, you can't go wrong with the Altitude.


Macna Macna is based in the Netherlands. They've been in Europe up until 2012 when Twisted Throttle introduced the brand through it's website. The women's offerings are great if you're looking for summer or winter textiles. They even have a really cool 3/4 length leather touring jacket for women. You can see the options available on Twisted Throttle's website. I'm sure they will be expanding the offerings for women riders as their presence becomes known.

Motoport Custom, 2 piece,  textile (Kevlar), armored gear for men and women. They also say they have the best body armor available on the market, even better than Forcefield's TPro. Be sure to check out their "Save Your Hide" article breaking down various materials used in motorcycle gear today, breaking down tear and abrasion strength by fabric.

Olympia Motosports Olympia has a couple of great jackets and pants for women, specifically the Airglide jacket and matching pants. They're both waterproof and well ventilated if you remove the liners. The jacket is tapered at the waist and goes past the waist just enough to cover your tailbone. Their sizing for jackets is typically XS-XXXL, and US4-18 in pants. Their pants are sized with a real woman's fit. If you're a 12, you'll be a 12 with Olympia. They're wide leg, so if you have trouble finding pants to fit your butt/thighs well, you'll be thrilled with the way their pants fit. Especially the Airglides, since they have stretch nylon on the front of the thighs, it's not unusual to go down a size in that style.

Racer Gloves There are actually 2 companies out there called Racer that make motorcycle apparel. One is French, but the one you want is Austrian. Read my review of their newest High Racer Gloves for women, my absolutely favorite glove for riding. 

If you want gear that's actually fitted for women, and doesn't look like you're wearing men's gear, you'll love them. REV'IT is ideal for those of you who are tall, narrow in the waist have a long inseam, long arms and/or long torsos. Although it isn't the perfect cut for me, I simply love their gear so much that I don't care that I'm short! Actually, for those of us who are vertically challenged, REV'IT makes many of their pants in Standard and Short inseam sizes. Lucky for me, I have a 29" inseam which allows me to wear their pants in a 'standard' size, vs 'short'. Something that I really like about this company is the fact that nothing has Pink, Glitter, Floral Patterns or anything else that can be marketed as 'girly'. The way it fits on a woman's body is more than enough to tell someone that she is wearing women's gear. The articulation (on the bike) and fit is awesome.

Roland Sands Design.

RS Taichi RS Taichi is a premium Japanese brand which only makes textile options for women, unfortunately. If you thought the US had a low percentage of women riders (15-20%), Japan's is even lower. I think I'd scare them if I showed up on my motorcycle! But the textile jackets are so comfortable, and the unisex pants are great as well. The fit is very 'asian', in the sense that it's great for a petite frame (shorter inseams, short torso, compact frame). Needless to say, I love their gear. Shop online at

Rukka Gear Rukka makes coldweather sport touring gear for women. Revzilla is the distributor for Rukka gear in the US. Their gear is incredibly rugged and well made.

Sidi Boots Sidi makes several pairs of boots, and is distributed through They also distribute AGVSport apparel and Vemar helmets. There are very few track worthy boots for women on the market, and the Vertigo Lei is one of them.

Spidi The fit is European, much like Dainese or REV'IT, so be sure to follow the size charts to order the right size. Based on the chart, a Euro 38 in Spidi is close to a Euro 34 in REV'IT or Euro 40 in Dainese, all of which are equivalent to a US Women's 0-2.

TCX Boots TCX offers a full list of boot options for women including city sneakers, touring boots and a sporty track style boot. The quality is fantastic and they even offer sizes down to Euro 36 (~US 6-6.5) in many of their men's boots as well. 

Teiz Motorsports Teiz makes affordable, custom one piece textile suits. They've recently started to offer sizing in smaller women's sizes. The textile suits are waterproof through the shell and have removable, insulated liners. The zippers are even rubberized and sealed! As of Feb. 2011, they are working on women's prototypes (non custom), so stay tuned.

Tourmaster Tourmaster has a great line of textile and leather jackets for women. They also appear to carry a couple of leather pants and gloves as well. As their name implies, check them out if you're looking for a great touring jacket and/or luggage accessories. They also tend to make their gear far better fit for plus size women, even offering Plus Size versions of their jackets such as the Trinity and Motive.

Vanson Vanson is a well known, highly respected gear manufacturer. You can get custom leathers or off the rack on their website or through one of their many retailers. My first jacket was a textile Vanson (which I can't bear to get rid of) and I love it. It's made of a very dense textile, almost like kevlar, with venting in the lower back, front chest pockets and forearms. It's an amazing spring/summer jacket. I also love the waist cinching and comfort fit. I crashed at low speed in it once, and it barely had a mark on the shoulder.