In case you need a custom suit option, either for track days, racing or just every day riding, here are a few companies to help you get started (in alpha order). If you know of any companies that offer 1 or 2 piece custom suits (armored, protective) please let me know!  

Off the Rack Suits

These brands offer 1 and/or 2 piece women's race suits. REV'IT has yet to offer a 1-piece option for women, whereas the others all do.

For an upcharge, Dainese also offers Made to Measure suits, however you'll need to get in touch with your local Dainese dealer to see how to get it, or visit your local Dainese store. (SF, Chicago, Costa Mesa)

Custom Suits

Some of these brands also offer off the rack options too. But they All offer custom, made to measure suits.  I've thrown in a couple textile suits options too.

Doesn't everyone know Aerostitch? :) The Darien, the Roadcrafter and finally, the women's Roadcrafter. The suit was finally introduced back in the spring of 2013. Sizing starts at a US Women's 6, but if you need something smaller I recommend trying the Men's 34.

Esse Motorsport. I actually just found Esse Motorsport when they found me! Their suits look nice, I haven't had a chance to see them up close however.

Comet Leathers - Comet offers 1 and 2 piece track leathers for the track or the street. Check out my friend Dani and her 1 piece:

Photo:  Daniella Malena , Instagram

Photo: Daniella Malena, Instagram

Heroic specializes in race suits and gloves as well. He uses a variety of materials such as stingray hide and kangaroo on his gloves. I've never seen gauntlets that big! Ask nicely and I think he also offers repair and alterations. 

Motoport Something that I really liked were their custom Kevlar pants. They looked like casual pants, and they had a nice stretch to them that added overall comfort. I believe you can send in a pair of jeans for them to use to base the pattern off of, but I'm not totally sure about that. If I'm wrong, please contact me and let me know so I can clarify this. Note: Motorport does Not offer racing leathers.

Pilot Motosport. Pilot also specializes in sport/track leathers. I've seen a few in person and they look superb.

RS Taichi is a leading brand in Japan when it comes to motorcycle apparel. You can order a custom 1 piece suit through any of their dealers, or directly through their website. Of course, they offer many off the rack options as well.

Teiz actually started offering the first women's 1-piece textile road suit, and are still offering them today. I like the fitments, they have a nice tailored fit and are Fully made to measure. They also offer 2 piece custom suits.

Vanson Leathers is based just outside of Boston, MA and specializes in vintage, classically styled leathers. Vanson offers a variety of vintage inspired separates as well. I've seen Vanson Leathers taking a beating after 10+ years with crashes, scuffs and more. If you buy a Vanson, you'll have it forever.

Worse For Wear is based in Richmond, VA and offers fully custom riding jeans for women. That's right, *just* for women! Please consider a pair from Laura not only for a perfect fit but the most protection that's offered currently for women's riding jeans.  

Zooni is also based in the SF Bay Area. Juan not only provides a Lifetime Guarantee on his suits, but also stands behind the seam construction.