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Me and my friend,  Tamela Rich  in WVA, 2016

Me and my friend, Tamela Rich in WVA, 2016

Hop online this Saturday night at 6PM EST with me and my good friend Tamela Rich. Just go to my instagram page and you should see me go live right at 6PM.

We’re going to chat about among other things, our short experiences as women riders on two wheels. I can’t wait for her to share how she developed the courage and determination to go on a cross country, solo trip just 3 months after getting her motorcycle license when she was just starting out! WHAT?

I call her my Moto Wife, because she’s the only other person I’ve traveled with on two wheels more than once other than my husband. We’ve met up in VA or WVA several times in the last 5 years and it’s always, always the best trips I’ve ever taken. Last year (pics below), we met up in Roanoke VA and eventually made our way up towards the Blue Ridge Parkway. Without her support and encouragement I would’ve quit while trying to make my way up a ~2 mile stretch of uphill, gravel and dirt. Eek.