These are episodes that I have had the pleasure of being an invited guest on. Take a listen!

The Pace - December 2011 - November 2012

A weekly podcast about all things moto. Mostly sportbike/touring/adventure riding oriented.  I may be making regularly scheduled appearances, so stay tuned for more episodes.

12/12/2011 Ep 95: My first interview with Chris and James. I chatted about my website, the current struggle that dealers and customers are experiencing with the lack of gear choices in some cases and what we can do about it.

12/18/2011 Ep 96: All about the Cycle World Italian Adventure when I went to EICMA and visited Spidi and Leo Vince in Milan.

1/22/2012 Ep 99: I share my Shopping Tips for all riders, when it comes to shopping for gear. How is your gear supposed to fit anyway?

2/6/2012 Ep 101:This time we chat about gloves. Why do you need them? How much should you spend?

2/26/2012 Ep 103: Sportbike myths. Not everything is what it seems.

3/11/2012 Ep 105: How do you bring your life partner / significant other other into the motorcycle conversation?

3/25/2012 Ep 107: What do you need to know about finding a motorcycle jacket?

4/8/2012 Ep 109: Chatting about helmets. How much is your head worth?

Two Wheel Power Hour - March 2010 - June 2012

Since March, 2010, I've joined Larry and Roy to provide gear tips and information to their listeners. Join me on the first Tuesday of every month at 3pm Pacific. You can download past shows here.

Just Gotta Scoot, May 2009 David from JustGottaScoot and I have a great conversation about why wearing gear on a scooter is just as important as being on a motorcycle.

SideStandUp - March 2009 - January 2010

I shared my insights on a monthly basis. You can download or listen to these interviews through the talkshoe website or via itunes.

1/5/2010 Episode 135 Body Armor; what to look for and a couple recommendations.

3/10/2009: Segment starts in at 00:20:00 (20 minutes in). This is the first episode that I make my appearance on SideStandUp, being interviewed by Denise Maple of VaVaVroom.

4/7/2009: Episode 79 Segment starting at about 00:34:00 (34 minutes in). My first segment on SSU all about the Daytona Ladystar boots, and why they're one of the best boots for women in the market.

5/5/2009: Episode 83 My segment starts at about 00:15:00. (15 minutes in). On this episode, I give my tips for buying gear if you don't have the luxury of having a local apparel shop that's knowledgeable about gear, or you just don't know where to start in terms of finding gear.

5/12/2009: Episode 84 My segment starts at about 01:00:27 (1 hr, 27 minutes, towards the end of the show). This is the Mother's Day special where all the guests featured were interesting and cool women sharing lots of different perspectives on riding.

6/2/2009: Episode 87 This segment starts at about 00:33:00 minutes in. It can be quite difficult to find the right helmet, especially when it comes to fit. Even if you've been riding for 5-10-20 years, you need to tune in and check to see if you're wearing the right helmet. If you haven't been riding for very long, then you want to tune in so you can find the perfect helmet.

7/7/2009: Episode 92 This segment starts at about 00:10:00 (10 minutes in). On this segment, I review the , for men AND women. Don't forget to check out my review.

8/4/2009, Episode 96 This segment starts at about 00:16:00 minutes in. On this segment, I cover gloves; why you need them, how to shop for them and more. Also check out the follow up post I wrote on my blog with recommendations.

9/1/2009 Episode 100 All about Boots. We're discussing why you need them, what to look for in a real pair and a few recommendations from me as well. Related blog post.

10/13/2009, Episode 115 Winter gear recommendations for warm, protective jackets! Related Blog post.

11/13/2009 Episode 118 More winter gear recommendations, this time we discuss overpants. Related blog post.

11/17/2009 Episode 120 Listen to the special San Francisco edition of SideStandUp, featuring Crystal Gurr/Scuderia West, Jennifer Bromme/WerkstattSF, Carla King/Miss Adventuring and special guests; Larry Saenz/BMW Motorcycles SF and Gabe Ets-Hotkins/CityBike Magazine.