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    Just a few places where I've been interviewed and mentioned online:

    RumbleOn The Riding Industry According to Joanne Donn, August 2018

    RideWell Helping One Person at a Time: An Interview with Joanne Donn of GearChic, February 2018

    Motorcycle Men Podcast September 2016

    YouMotorcycle.com Round Two with GearChic, February 2016

    Be Fabulous Magazine Blogs for Women Who Love to Ride, July 2016

    No Place Like Out Top 25 Motorcycle Bloggers, August 2016

    Women Riders Now Answering Gear Questions 2015

    Global Women Who Ride Fall 2014

    Moto.IT Joanne Donn, nuovo riferimento del web per le motocicliste USA, March 2014

    Cafe Racer Podcast January 2014

    YouMotorcycle.com Joanne Donn aka GearChic, November 2013

    Motorcycle & Powersports News A little quote from yours truly in this article about What Makes Gear Good and Worth Selling? August 2013

    MadMaps.com Dress for Success, September 2012

    San Jose Mercury News Women Riding Motorcycles on the Rise, September 2012 

    Cleveland Plain Dealer Interview for the Cleveland Motorcycle Show, January 2011

    DealerNews More Women Who Roll, A Special Report, April 2011

    Long Beach Press Telegram Interview for the Long Beach Motorcycle Show, December 2010

    Urban Moto Magazine SF Women's issue, April 2009